Hello and welcome

Hi! I’m Dr. Rox. Your Ambassador to Health & Happiness!

As a Health & Wellness Psychologist and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I have been trained to apply the psychological principals that are pertinent to exercise, eating habits, weight loss, stress, and the reduction of health risks. I understand how biology, the environment, and individual behaviors impact health and wellness. The lack of a comprehensive understanding of these factors contributes to repeated failed attempts at losing weight and keeping it off, quitting smoking, and managing stress.

I use my education, training, compassion, and enthusiasm to help my clients shift their lives and health from wherever they are, to wherever they want to go, at the speed by which they are ready to move!

If you are out of shape, stressed out, stuck in a rut, lack motivation, or need a new plan of action, allow me to help you turn your healthy intentions into action with sustainable results!

I am here to MOTIVATE you to take the next step, INSPIRE you to persevere, and EMPOWER you to become healthier & happier in all aspects of your life!

What I can do for you

Personal Health Coaching

Dr. Rox is not only a Health and Wellness Psychologist, but she is a National Board Certified Health Coach as well.  Dr. Rox passionately works to help her clients bridge the intention behavior gap so they can turn their health and wellness goals into sustainable lifestyle changes by educating, guiding, supporting and holding them accountable.

Corporate Health Coaching

Boost employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, curb rising health care costs and cultivate a healthy workplace by adding on-site health coaching services to your current employee wellness program. Dr. Rox’s 13 years experience in corporate wellness, coupled with her passion for helping others live healthier & happier lives can take your program to the next level!

Corporate Wellness Consulting

With rising health care costs and work/life balance becoming more challenging, over 92% of companies now offer some type of Employee Wellness Program. No matter how limited your budget, or how creative and progressive you’d like your program to be, Dr. Rox can help you develop, implement, and evaluate a fun, yet results driven employee wellness program you can brag about! 

Health & Wellness Seminars

Whether for a short lunch ‘n’ learn, a half day seminar, or a structured series of workshops, Dr. Rox loves spreading messages of health & wellness in an inspiring, yet informative & interactive way. Her extensive knowledge base and contagious energy will leave everyone in your audience motivated to take action towards improving their health & well-being.

Fitness Training

Allow Dr. Rox to  whip you into shape with a her popular, high energy, fun in-person or virtual F. I. N. E. Body Fitness Classes. Learn more here: Fitness Classes

Herbal Wellness Teas

Inspired by Dr. Rox’s own personal health challenges, Dr. Rox Wellness Teas are distinct, nourishing, delicious herbal wellness teas blended with fresh organic ingredients to aid in the improvement of your specific health and well-being concerns or the attainment of your desired wellness goals.  SHOP HERE!