Dr. Roxane E. Hearn, PhD

Roxane E. Hearn, PhD, known by her clients as “Dr. Rox”, is a passionate Health Psychologist and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)  with over 23 years in the field of health behavior change. Her greatest success has come in working with hundreds of clients helping them to lose weight, reduce stress/anxiety levels, manage heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and adopt lifestyles that foster health & happiness. Dr. Rox also works with employers to develop fun, effective, engaging, yet results-driven employee wellness programs.

As many who have worked with her will tell you, Dr. Rox’s approach to health and wellness is refreshing, practical, no-nonsense and grounded in psychological theory that supports lasting behavior change. This approach, coupled with her contagious enthusiasm and unmatched dedication to helping her clients achieve their health and wellness goals by any means, DESPITE the odds, is why she is increasingly becoming a highly sought after consultant, coach, and speaker.


Dr. Rox holds a Doctorate in Health Psychology, Masters in Healthcare Administration, and a Bachelors of Science in Health & Physical Education. She is also a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

Resilience against all odds

Despite the outward appearance of an “easy life”, Roxane’s road to becoming Dr. Rox has not been without its setbacks, roadblocks, detours and near-death tragedies.

At the age of 20, while studying for her undergraduate degree, Roxane was stalked, kidnapped, raped, tortured, stabbed 18 times and buried in a shallow grave by an ex-boyfriend.

Then, almost two decades later, well into her thirties, her pre-teen daughter, who was a talented high-level competitive gymnast, became wheelchair-bound due to an injury caused by neglect at a gymnastics meet. After 19 months, her daughter regained her ability to walk through intensive therapies, but she still fights to limit the effects of the chronic incurable pain condition the injury has caused.

During her daughters recovery, Roxane was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a chronic progressive autoimmune disease which attacks the joints, eyes, heart and lungs. The RA  first presented by attacking Roxane’s vision. It then progressed into her joints and limited her ability to text, drive, hold a glass, and on worse days, walk.

Throughout it all, Roxane still continued to make progress towards and complete her doctoral degree in Health Psychology!

She refused to allow her health setbacks to steal her joy and destroy her academic dreams, so she became relentless in her pursuit, despite the odds!

Roxane, now Dr. Rox, has overcome each of life’s setbacks with a strengthened faith, elevated resilience, renewed purpose, and a spirit of relentlessness! She believes that her life challenges were meant to give her an empathetic lens from which she can better understand and support her clients through their health setbacks and challenges as well.


Dr . Rox’s story & love of life is refreshing and inspiring. Being aware of yourself and the limits we put on ourselves is the only step needed to progress & grow. Awareness of self brings pro action and not only is productive of self but also for the clients those of us have chosen to help.

Dr. Rox’s  personal battle with weight loss gives her an invaluable ability to relate to her clients. She has been my confidant, my cheerleader, my fitness expert, and most importantly, she has become my friend. Thank you for empowering me to achieve what I once thought was unattainable.

Ms. Roxane, what a blessing you were to me. I enjoyed attending your workshops and being a part of your life. I heavily thank you for helping empower our youth, including me, and contribute to the success of many. You are unique, remarkable, and a phenomenal woman. Continue to inspire, motivate, and create leaders. From you and others, I learned to, “Never give up hope, because hope has not given up on you.” Thanks again and god bless you.

Thank you for your highly moving speech on Entrepreneurship during our Black History Month Celebration. You touched and motivated both the youth and the adults present at the occasion. This was evidenced not only by the lineup of both adults and young people who wanted to talk to you after the event, but also by the feedback we received thereafter. You are a true inspiration, especially for youth, and I do hope that you will continue to make your services available for this purpose.

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