Rev Me Up Fat Burning Programs

Your Scale is Still Stuck? Belly Fat is not Budging?

You use exercise to STRATEGICALLY TARGET the muscle groups that will help you achieve your happy naked body, but have you ever used nutrition to STRATEGICALLY TARGET the organs & hormones that are responsible for weight & fat loss?

The organs and hormones responsible for what your body does with food are even more important than exercise when it comes to weight & fat loss!


Because if those systems are unknowingly or knowingly dysfunctional, your hours in the gym will do more harm, than good! And that lettuce from your salad will be converted to glucose and stored as fat instead!

This is the basic, yet CRUCIAL biochemistry behind weight & fat loss that unfortunately, most in the industry conveniently ignore due to it’s complexity, or just simply lack the knowledge and training to provide a life-changing solution to the all too common issue of weight-loss plateaus, stubborn belly fat, and slow metabolism.

Rev Me Up Summertime F.I.N.E. Program

This 4-week program is designed to nourish the organs & hormones responsible for weight loss & fat burn by using a micronutrient strategy with targeted workouts to support the nutritional focus and maximize results. The unique focus of these meal plans is to speed up your metabolism and boost fat burn!

What’s Included?

  1. 28-day meal plan with step-by-step recipes targeted for maximum fat burn and metabolic healing. Not gender specific. Women and men can use the plan.
  2. Portion suggestions based on weight-loss goals.
  3. Over 35 fat-burning recipes are included in the meal plan.
  4. Targeted fat burn boosting modalities to speed up results.
  5. Prescribed workouts based on the meal plan of the day.
  6. Group Accountability Check-ins with Dr. Rox
  7. Safe, supportive, inspiring community through a private app with others who have the same goals and face similar challenges.
  8. Bonus Live Streamed Strength Training Workouts (at least 3 per month)

This program is grounded in scientific facts from the areas of biochemistry, physiology, and endocrinology.

It is never too late to let Dr. Rox, SNATCH that body into shape!

Get SUMMERTIME F.I.N.E. by enrolling anytime between

May 10th  – August 10th 2022!

F.I.N.E. stands for … Fit, Invigorated, Nourished, & Empowered!

Losing Weight, Burning Fat, & the Importance of Metabolism

The countless years many of us spend dieting and overexercising to achieve optimal wellness and our “happy naked body” take a negative toll on the very organs & systems that were designed to keep us healthy. With everyone putting in their “two cents” regarding what approach is best, no wonder our quest to be “happy naked” looks like an EKG report; the lose-gain-lose-gain cycle that seems never-ending. Each time we attempt to lose weight again, we try a new approach, which ends up backfiring because it just further damages our metabolism.

In the simplest of definitions, metabolism is the chemical reactions in the body’s cells that change food into energy. Your metabolism increases whenever you eat, digest, or store food. No wonder skipping meals and not eating on a routine schedule slows down your metabolism!

Just look at this 5 week “before and after” transformation below. WOW! No exercise. Eating 5X per day on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Rev Me Up Intensive Burn Program.

The chemical reactions involved in the metabolic process are controlled by hormones. Our lifestyle habits influence these hormones & have a positive or negative effect on our ability to lose weight and keep it off. Skipping meals, eliminating food groups, not getting enough sleep, stress, getting on and off the diet hamster wheel, and overexercising all cause the organs which secrete these hormones involved in the metabolic process to become dysfunctional. Hence the reason, healing your metabolism is the first step in achieving and maintaining weight & fat loss.

Rev Me Up Intensive Burn Coaching Program

This program is designed to reset the organs & hormones responsible for weight loss & fat burn by using nutrition to therapeutically REV UP your ability to burn calories and break down fat from the most stubborn areas (belly & thighs).

RESULTS EXPECTED: Up to 10lbs or more lost in less than 2 weeks, visual changes in your body shape due to fat loss, & a boost in energy.

What’s Included?

  1. Six Live Virtual Educational & Group Coaching Sessions (60-75 minutes each 2X per week).  Note: All group coaching sessions will be available for replay if you miss a live session or cannot attend.
  2. Step by step, day by day, meal by meal plan & recipes. In other words, you will be instructed as to what you should eat and drink at EVERY MEAL for EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY of the reset. All recipes will be provided.
  3. Bonus modalities such as (reflexology, dry skin brushing, oil pulling, meditation, and more )to further boost your fat-burning power!
  4. Daily “On Your Ass” Accountability With Dr. Rox
  5. Safe, supportive, inspiring community through a private app with others who have the same goals and face similar challenges.
  6. Advice, tips, and tricks to help increase the fat burn, cultivate a healthy mindset, and adopt the behaviors necessary to make more permanent changes to the controllable factors which affect metabolism & fat burning.
  7. Bonus Strength Training Workouts.

This program is grounded in scientific facts from the areas of biochemistry, physiology, and endocrinology and based on recommendations and programs developed by an endocrinologist & celebrity nutritionist & wellness consultant.

"Rev Me Up" Coaching Program Structure

Session 1

  • Welcome
  • Complexities of Losing Weight
  • What is Metabolism & How It Becomes Dysfunctional
  • Metabolism Myths 
  • Review of the Organs & Hormones Which Play A Key Role
  • Rev Me Up Program Overview  & Expectations
  • Participant Commitment & Responsibilities 
  • Review of Grocery List & How to Best Prep & Organize

Session 2

  • Review of 10 Day Meal Plan – Recipe by Recipe
  • Review of Exercise, Modalitie, & Natural oils, herbs, and spices to maximize fat burning power!!

Session 3

  • Motivational Kick-Off & Review of Day 1 On the Meal Plan
  • Role of Sleep Quality & Stress Management
  • Discuss & Plan for Common Challenges (time, support, meal planning, dislike of foods)
  • Fat Burn Boosting Assignment

Session 4

  • Importance of Strength Training in the Burning of Stubborn Fat
  • Review of first few days on the plan to highlight progress & strategies to overcome challenges.
  • Fat Burn Boosting Assignment
  • Q & A

Session 5

  • Lifestyle Changes to Stay Revved Up: Part 1
  • Review of first 7 days on the plan to highlight progress & strategies to overcome challenges. 
  • Fat Burn Boosting Assignment
  • Q & A

Session 6

  • Lifestyle Changes to Stay Revved Up: Part 2
  • Participant Reflections & Accomplishments 
  • Q & A
  • Suggestions for Next Steps 

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As Dr. Rox well knows, autoimmune diseases and their treatments have caused me to pack on weight over the years. I have had 2 boys and was at my heaviest and needed to do something. With autoimmune arthritis, the weight only worsens my already constant joint pain. When I saw what this program was, I was like THIS COULD BE IT!

I DO NOT cook EVER. After this program, not only did I lose 8lbs & my husband 14lbs in 10 days, but my joints felt better and I came away with a newfound love of being in the kitchen. I think it was my type A planner personality really that got to shine through as I prepped and planned our 10 Day Metabolic Reset Journey.

My clothes fit better, my joints ache less and I feel in control of what and when I eat for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME. Thank you to Mindfully Fit App Community and the Ever AMAZING Dr. Rox.

All my love!

Ok so I wanted to report my final numbers.

Weight-Loss: 8 pounds in 10 days.

I definitely could have lost more but my last couple of days were more flawed than my first 5.

But the measurements make up for it.

Chest Before 49… After 47
Hips Before 54… After 53
R Thigh Before 31… After 30
L Thigh Before 32… After 31

AND BABY THIS WAIST…11 inches loss overall!

Upper Waist Before 49… After 42
Lower Waist Before 50… After 46

I enjoyed challenging myself and know I could improve should I decide to do another round. I believe in the importance of resetting. So I might incorporate this 1 or 2 times a year.

Thank you Dr. Rox for being our cheerleader despite the challenges you are going through personally. You are an inspiration!!

I look forward to continuing my journey to 50 and the healing and blessing I’m going to continue to receive with the next two programs.

This has been such a rewarding process learning how/what to eat in order to detox & revitalize my organs so they can burn food as fuel and not hoard unecessary fat!

Although I reached the goal for the 10 day program, I’m not stopping here, as this whole process feels like a ministry in and of itself…I thank Dr. Rox eternally for her insight, dedication, and love for health as well as changing behaviors with mindfulness!

Good Morning! I want to thank you for not only the 10-day plan, but for your energy and support! The plan has definitely changed my physical by 10lbs, from 205 lbs to 195 lbs and taken off 2 inches off my waistline.  I’m definitely glad to “know” you and be in this community of beautiful women in the Mindfully Fit App Community. Love and Light ❤️💕