F.I.N.E. Body Fitness Classes

Get F. I. N. E. (Fit Invigorated Nourished & Empowered) with Dr. Rox’s fat burning, tightening, toning kick-ass workouts that are easy on the joints, but dangerous for the curves!

Dr. Rox has been known for her kick-ass workouts since 2011. However, with the toll that’s been taken on her joints from early onset osteoarthritis in her mid 30’s and rheumatoid arthritis in her late 30’s, along with two past spinal fusion surgeries in her early 40’s, she now can not only empathize and relate to others who have been limited in their exercise frequency due to such, but she has now adapted her workouts to be back and knee friendly, WITHOUT compromising their effectiveness!

For the evolved Dr. Rox, workouts are no longer founded on the  “TRAIN HARD OR GO HOME” mindset. Instead, her workouts focus on getting her participants fit, strong & SEXY while maintaining pain free joints!

All virtual classes are taught through the Mindfully Fit By Dr. Rox Mobile App which requires a subscription of $24.99. More about what is included in the subscription can be found here: Mindfully Fit

All virtual classes can be attended live or replayed from the archive of workouts.

Locations for person classes vary from indoor to outdoor in the Harrisburg & Mechanicsburg, PA areas and are selectively offered throughout the year.

Upcoming class offerings will be posted on this page.