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Employee wellness programs have become a popular way for companies to try to curb rising health-care costs. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management reported that, in 2015, 80% of employers offered preventative wellness services and information. Some reports suggest up to 92% of employers with over 200 employees offer a wellness program.

Whether you just want assistance in getting your employee wellness program off the ground, would like a redesign of your current wellness program or would like someone to manage every aspect of your employee wellness program,

Dr. Rox can design a program to meet your needs, get your employees actively involved, and ultimately reduce health risks and increase healthier behaviors.

All Employee Wellness Programming services will be customized to meet the needs of your organizations goals, employee health risks, employee interests, and budget.

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Most companies contracted to manage and implement employee wellness services and programs hire individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field and then train them in health behavior change principles.  On the contrary, Dr. Rox has spent her entire career as a passionate health behavior change agent. She has 19  years in the field of health promotion and holds a PhD in Health Psychology- the study of health behavior change.  In addition to a Health Coaching Certification, she also possess an  undergraduate degree in Health Education and a Masters degree in Health Care Administration.

APPROACH: Awareness vs Behavior Change

Most programs focus mostly on creating awareness and not as much on the processes involved in fostering actual health behavior changes. Employees are already AWARE of the ill effects of smoking, chronic stress, poor eating habits and being overweight. Employees need interventions which apply the psychological principles of health BEHAVIOR CHANGE to help them build healthier and happier lives.  And, to be frank, awareness does not reduce health care costs or improve quality of life; actual behavior change does!

Allowing Dr. Rox to apply the psychological principles of BEHAVIOR CHANGE, pair them with her passion, enthusiasm and extensive background will facilitate sustainable healthy behavior changes in your workforce!

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