Healing Your Metabolism is the First Step to Sustainable Weight Loss!

 When it comes to losing weight, balancing your hormones is absolutely crucial. Not only will it help you lose weight by correcting a sluggish metabolism, but you’ll look more rested and vibrant, & your mood will improve!

Losing Weight & the Importance of Metabolism

The countless years many of us spend dieting and overexercising to achieve optimal wellness and our “happy naked body” take a negative toll on the very organs & systems that were designed to keep us healthy. With everyone putting in their “two cents” regarding what approach is best, no wonder our quest to be “happy naked” looks like an EKG report; the lose-gain-lose-gain cycle that seems never-ending. Each time we attempt to lose weight again, we try a new approach, which ends up backfiring because it just further damages our metabolism.

In the simplest of definitions, metabolism is the chemical reactions in the body’s cells that change food into energy. Your metabolism increases whenever you eat, digest, or store food. No wonder skipping meals and not eating on a routine schedule slows down your metabolism!

The chemical reactions involved in the metabolic process are controlled by hormones. Our lifestyle habits influence these hormones & have a positive or negative effect on our ability to lose weight and keep it off. Skipping meals, eliminating food groups, not getting enough sleep, stress, getting on and off the diet hamster wheel, and overexercising all cause the organs which secrete these hormones involved in the metabolic process to become dysfunctional. Hence the reason, healing your metabolism is the first step in achieving and maintaining weight & fat loss.

Mindfully Fit: Rev Me Up Metabolism Reset Program

This program is designed to reset your metabolism, break plateaus & create intense fat burn to balance your hormones by using nutrition to target micronutrients to overcome weight-loss obstacles therapeutically. 

RESULTS EXPECTED: Up to 10lbs lost, visual changes in your body shape due to fat loss, & a boost in energy.

What’s Included?

  1. Six Live Virtual Educational & Group Coaching Sessions (60-75 minutes each 2X per week).  Note: All group coaching sessions will be available for replay if you miss a live session or cannot attend.
  2.  Step by step, day by day, meal by meal plan & recipes.
  3. Daily Accountability & Support Community through a private app with others who have the same goals and face similar challenges.
  4. Weekly Assignments & Quizzes to help cultivate a healthy mindset and adopt the behaviors necessary to make more permanent changes to the controllable factors which affect hormonal imbalance.
  5. Bonus Strength Training Workouts

This program is grounded in scientific facts from the areas of biochemistry, physiology, and endocrinology and based on recommendations and programs developed by an endocrinologist & celebrity nutritionist & wellness consultant.

"Rev Me Up" Metabolism Reset Coaching Program Structure

Session 1

  • Welcome
  • Complexities of Losing Weight
  • What is Metabolism & How It Becomes Dysfunctional
  • Metabolism Myths 
  • Review of the Organs & Hormones Which Play A Key Role
  • Rev Me Up Program Overview 
  • Participant Commitment & Responsibilities 
  • Quiz – to be completed before next session

Session 2

  • Review of  Program Expectations
  • Review of 10 Day Meal Plan
  • Review of Daily To Do’s from sun up to sundown.
  • Review of Exercise & Tips to Boost Success

Session 3

  • Motivational Kick-Off & Review of Day 1
  • Enhances Sleep Quality & Stress Management
  • Discuss & Plan for Common Challenges (time, support, meal planning, dislike of foods)
  • Boost Success Assignment

Session 4

  • Importance of Strength Training & Your Metabolism
  • Review of first few days on the plan to highlight progress & strategies to overcome challenges.
  • Boost Success Assignment
  • Q & A
  • Quiz

Session 5

  • Lifestyle Changes to Maintain A Healthy Metabolism: Part 1
  • Review of first 7 days on the plan to highlight progress & strategies to overcome challenges. 
  • Boost Success Assignment
  • Q & A

Session 6

  • Lifestyle Changes to Maintain A Healthy Metabolism: Part 2
  • Participant Reflections & Accomplishments 
  • Suggestions for Next Steps 

Ready to Heal Your Metabolism?

Next Session Starts 2/21/2022