Mindfully Fit Womens’ Weight Management Mobile App

Exercise is 1 hour out of your day. Stay on track the other 23 hrs with a women-focused community of support, real-time accountability, behavior change strategies, & tools to help you MINDFULLY create healthy habits to attain & sustain your FIT body goals.

The Mindfully Fit community-driven app was created by Dr. Rox and is grounded in cognitive health behavior change theory to provide a safe, supportive, inspiring space for women with similar weight/fat loss struggles to take intentional steps towards building healthy habits while becoming MINDFULLY fit in mind, body, and soul AWAY from the “noise” of social media. 

This safe space will serve as a daily digital retreat that will allow members to MINDFULLY focus on learning and applying the skills necessary to get off of the “hamster wheel of weight-loss”, develop the skills necessary to overcome common setbacks which interrupt their weight/fat loss or management, and FINALLY obtain and sustain their FIT body goals.

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Nutrition, Recipes & Meal Planning

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